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The Devil’s in the Details

This is not my art; I have not created any of this and do not claim so. These photos are merely my perception and observation of the details of great artist’s works. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. To take a macro lens and try to take as close and detailed photos of small portions of paintings. We often focus on the entire image, the end result, trying to analyze and understand the meaning or intended effect of a work of art. Not enough do we focus on the details, the texture and miniscule portions of the media. We wonder what the meaning of a work of art is. But what was the artist thinking about when creating the piece? I feel that looking at the brush strokes of a painting we can image what feeling or texture an artist was experiencing making the piece, laying the brush strokes. To think of what was going through the artist’s mind. How the paint brush felt in the hand as it moved across the canvas, the smell of the paint, the decision of what tool to use or which direction to stroke. Was the artist mad, happy, sad or angry? Or perhaps they were euphoric, in love or unfortunately depressed, in misery and pain. Maybe they were so focused and at times obsessive compulsive about their brush strokes and composition they would become frustrated at a tiny mistake. Or perhaps they were care free or apathetic as they sloppily laid a large blob of paint to the canvas leaving it to dry a mass. They could have been nervous, intoxicated of wine or absinthe, maybe even having trouble staying awake under the influence of a narcotic, or tortured by insomnia.

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